Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jessica B Forest View House for Sale

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Address: forest view homes, pueblo de oro township
City: Cagayan de Oro
Country: Philippines
Price: P1,496,833
Baths: 2
Floor Area: 60 sqm

Lot Area: 80 sqm
Status: Active

Full Description:
Conventional 4"CHB
Painted exterior & interior
Pre-painted ribwide
GI roofing
Painted Ceilings
Tiled Toilet & Bath
Tiled Kitchen Sink w/
Enamel Tub
Steel casement front windows, glass
Jalousies for side and rear windows
Unpainted Interior walls
No ceramic/vinyl floor tiles
No wall partitions
No gutter & downspout
Sliding Glass Patio door.
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Phone: +639108842533
RP Masangcay Realty
REB Lic. No. 2008-10-0409 (R)
Masterson Avenue Pueblo
Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, 9000