Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Party by Primavera

It has been a tradition for the Westerners to celebrate Halloween every October 31st. Trick or treating is also a customary celebration for children during this season; where in kids go in costume from house to house to ask for treats like candies or money and give tricks for those who want one. In the Philippines, we’ve come to adapt this kind of celebration here. As soon as the month of October comes, costumes and other stuff for Halloween are being displayed and sold in shopping malls. Some of the houses are filled with Halloween decors and they also prepare candies and chocolates for those kids who will be trick or treating.
Schools, offices and other organizations are conducting parties with themes in line with the season. For one, Primavera Residences came up with a party having the Halloween celebration as their theme. Their office celebrated an early Halloween party last October 27, 2012 at the condominium’s multi-purpose hall. The agents and brokers participated in the party disguised as witches, ghosts and goblins. The party is also an awarding ceremony for the agents and brokers who have performed well in the third quarter. The salespersons that have excelled in the third quarter were given recognition; awards were given to them.
In the said party, prizes and giveaways were prepared for the games and other promos. They also introduced the new marketing staffs of Italpinas. Perspectives of the new project were also revealed to the participants. Getting excited already? Are you all eager to know details of the new project? It will be revealed to the public soon! As for now, we’ll just keep mum about it; but as soon as Italpinas will give us the go signal, then we’ll gladly share the details to the public.
The Halloween party was a success. Participants had a frightfully fun night. It was a cool party! Credits to the staffs of Italpinas! Thank you for inviting us. Until next time!
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