Thursday, August 29, 2013

SHDA, Inc. Seminar

The Subdivision and Housing Development Association headed by Ms. Vivian Vestil of Land Resources Corp. held a seminar for all the accountants, developers, brokers and salespersons last August 23 at Budgetel.
With the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s new implemented regulations, the SHDA group decided to conduct this certain seminar to educate all the concerned people for this revenue regulation. The amended Revenue Regulation No. 2-98 was discussed and explained well to all the attendees by the BIR representatives. A representative from the City Treasurer’s office namely Mr. Glenn Banez was also present as well; wherein he talked about taxation and other things related to it.
Nowadays, a lot of people have been engaged to the real estate industry. Knowing that real estate business offers greater benefits and income, thus everybody wants to venture in the said industry. But venturing in real estate business is not an easy thing to do because one should be licensed to be able to sell. And that’s why SHDA, Inc. decided to conduct this seminar to answer the unanswered questions of the brokers and salespersons.

The seminar was also to give the developers, brokers and salespersons clarifications and further explanation of the amended revenue regulation; and also to give insights regarding the importance of taxation. The attendees have really learned a lot from the whole day seminar. With the open forum, everyone was able to voice out their concerns and their questions were given a clear answer. Big thanks to the SHDA, Inc. group for conducting this seminar. We’re looking forward for another meaningful seminar. Until then!
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