Thursday, January 31, 2013

Product Knowledge Seminars

As a Real Estate Broker and Salesperson, being knowledgeable with the products that you market is a must. Prospect buyers would want to inquire and talk to someone who is an expert with the product that he or she sells.

In order for a broker or salesperson to have an insight with the products that they promote, they attend this so called Product Knowledge Seminar. This Product Knowledge Seminar or PKS is conducted by the developers here in Cagayan de Oro City. Developers conduct this seminar for them to promote and endorse all their products to the real estate brokers and salespersons. As we all know, the brokers and salespersons are responsible in helping the developers in selling out their endorsed products.

For this month, two known developers conducted their very first PKS for the year 2013. First one to summon all the realty firms for a seminar was A.V.Pamatong Trading & Const. Inc. For those who aren't aware yet, A.V.Pamatong and Pueblo de Oro is in collaboration for a certain project called Westwoods Village. The AVP group conducted this seminar to give the brokers and salespersons additional updates regarding Westwoods Village. They have presented the payment schemes and incentive program that they offer to the attendees.

Next developer to conduct a seminar was Johndorf Ventures Corporation. It was a refresher course for they have discussed again the features and amenities of the properties they’re selling. JVC also disclosed to the attendees their new sellers and buyers promo. At the end of the session, they have given the brokers and salespersons an exam just to see if they really have learned something from the PKS.

Now that the marketing officers are packed with information and updates from the developers, they are definitely confident in advertising the products to prospect clients. Big thanks to the developers for without their products and seminars, the brokers and salespersons couldn't even sell and earn something. There will be more PKS to come for sure because numerous developers have not yet conducted their PKS. We’ll keep you updated of the other seminars that we will be attending to. Until then!
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