Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Crucial Decision-making in Buying by Couples

Cagayan de Oro is becoming the most-wanted place to settle for families. The City is not so crowded and traffic is bearable. The necessities of growing families like schools, churches, hospitals and malls are within reach. One client remarked, " You can explore CDO in a day!" So most often, our clientele includes husband-wife tandem in search for the best location they can call the 'family haven'.

Choosing which property to buy from a long list of good options is quite a challenge for couples. There are times that one of the couple would confide that they had some argument as they form a decision regarding their investment. You may agree with me that both spouses must come into mutual agreement in their decision to buy.

Well there are many instances where couples need to decide over some things not just in buying. Disagreements and arguments ensue when things are not seen objectively and on the same level as the other. That is, the couple is not seeing each other eye to eye. A certain tone or statement may have triggered the others reactive disposition turning an objective issue into a relational conflict. Relational conflict happens when the husband feels attacked and accused and/or the wife feels unimportant and unloved.

Let me share what an anointed counselor and minister, Craig Hill gave as practical steps for both the husband and wife to solve relational conflicts.

So whenever decisions have to be made and couple conflict arises, follow the practical steps above. The spouse who has read this article is meant to start the process.

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