Saturday, March 30, 2013

Westwoods Village: Now Open!

It’s been 7 months now since Pueblo de Oro announced to the public their newest property development – Westwoods Village. When they have disclosed this to the public, no reservations were accepted yet only letter of intents as they were still finalizing plans and developments for the subdivision.

Just last March 22, 2013 when PODC formally opened Westwoods Village to the public and that means reservations can be made already. Westwoods Village held its gate groundbreaking, emphasizing that the said subdivision is finally open. Present VIP’s in the said event were Mr. Rommel Leuterio, the COO of Pueblo de Oro Development Corporation, Mr. Syntax and Ms. Lulu of the A.V. Pamatong group.

After the groundbreaking, the brokers from different realty firms were privileged to have a closed door meeting together with Mr. Leuterio at Pueblo Golf Estates clubhouse. Mr. Leuterio shared his insights regarding the project that he himself is one of the creators. He then shared some good points in buying a property at Westwoods Village; what good will it bring and give to prospect buyers. Mr. Leuterio even encouraged the brokers to avail a property at Westwoods Village because he and Mr. Alex Pamatong bought a slot in the said subdivision; intending it to be his vacation house and Mr. Pamatong’s residential house.

Westwoods Village is the latest development of Pueblo de Oro and it’s one of the projects that they’re most proud of because of home and nature’s convergence. As what their tagline says “A natural enclave in the midst of Metropolis”, indeed it’s a place where you can escape from the buzz of the city. Westwoods Village is accessible to establishments and other subdivisions, but when you’re inside the subdivision, it’s as if you’re in another place.

Isn’t this enticing enough for you? Come and be part of this subdivision. Be a part of the Pueblo de Oro Township!

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